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Secure Private 5G: What is the definition of secure?

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How do SEMPRE products work through an EMP?

SEMPRE nodes are engineered to endure EMPs. The software-centric nature of 5G infrastructure allowed us to combine all the elements of a 5G network into a single device. Over a span of two years, SEMPRE designed and manufactured an enclosure encompassing cooling and power components vital for operations during an EMP event. This process uses proprietary trade secrets.

Will my smartphone survive an EMP? If nothing else will survive an EMP, why bother?

SEMPRE conducted tests proving select smartphones can indeed survive an EMP event without disruption. These tests have been independently verified. The smartphones continued to operate reliably afterward. You can find more details about these tests here.

What are the types of EMPs?

EMPs can be naturally occurring events like lightning or coronal mass ejections (CMEs, solar flares), or they can be caused by man-made weapons, such as high-altitude nuclear explosions (HEMP) or localized EMP weapons.

What is an EMP?

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is a burst of either man-made or naturally occurring electromagnetic energy capable of destroying power and communications infrastructure.

Is SEMPRE TAA Compliant?

All of SEMPRE’s products meet the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act and are approved to be acquired by the United States Government for use. These products are also compliant with GSA Schedules. For any inquiries on how SEMPRE products go beyond TAA compliance, please contact us at

Can SEMPRE products communicate during disasters?

Yes, all SEMPRE products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Additionally, the SEMPRE F complies with ANSI/TIA-222-H to withstand hurricanes and other natural disasters.

How did you test the survivability of SEMPRE products through a HEMP/EMP event?

The SEMPRE F was successfully tested for High Altitude EMP (HEMP) survival in accordance with MIL-STD-188-125-1A. Elements outside of the primary enclosure, including antennas and 5G handsets, have been successfully tested in accordance with MIL-STD-461G RS105. All tests were performed, and reports prepared for submission by a leader in third-party HEMP testing. In addition, the SEMPRE T and HardLink successfully completed High Altitude EMP testing (Mil-Std-461G RS105) at White Sands Missile Range as part of the Defense Threat Reduction Agencies program.

Is the SEMPRE T available to commercial customers? Are there SEMPRE T units designed for only military applications?

Yes, SEMPRE Ts have multiple configurations to suit both commercial and government customers.

Is my own network able to connect to other networks or other people? Can I connect to the whole internet?

Yes, a private network can connect to other networks and the internet. You have complete control over who can access your network and what data is shared, ensuring maximum security and privacy for your communications.

How does SEMPRE ensure data security, confidentiality and integrity across the network segments?

SEMPRE keeps your data safe.

  • Encryption: We use advanced encryption methods to protect your data as it travels between devices and our products.
  • Identity Management: Only authorized users with verified identifies can connect to your network.
  • Post-Quantum Security: We use protocols to secure your data from quantum computers.
  • Data-at-Rest Encryption: All stored data is encrypted using special keys stored in tamper-resistant modules.
  • Space-based control plane: We separated the control and data planes to protect data and secure node management.

We ensure your data remains secure, confidential and intact every step of the way.

What is SEMPRE Surety?

Surety is a little known word outside of the military. It defines the principles that govern how America’s military handle the safety, security and reliability of nuclear weapons. Surety is a concept that easily transitions from protecting nuclear weapons to commercial use. We define Surety as ensuring the safety, security, reliability and accessibility of data. You can read more about SEMPRE Surety in our white paper: Secure Private 5G: What is the definition of secure?

How much does a SEMPRE device cost?

Our products are available as-a-service which means you pay a monthly fee to have regular maintenance, support and updates. Our pricing is dependent on how a customer intends to use the product. For example, our Essential Edge is ideal for supporting neighborhoods or communities, while our customizable configuration tiers are designed for specialized deployments.

What is 5G Range?

SEMPRE devices utilize sub-6 5G frequencies, which offer significant advantages for tactical applications. Unlike millimeter wave frequencies, which have limited range and struggle with obstacles, sub-6 frequencies cover miles effectively while still providing high bandwidth (up to 1.2Gb/s). This makes SEMPRE's nodes exceptionally well-suited for tactical use, ensuring reliable communication over long distances.

What is a private 5G cellular network?

Think of it as your own exclusive highway on the internet that's tailored to your needs, managed by you. Whether you're a large corporation, a government agency or a military base, 5G offers increased range, heightened security and complete control over your communication.

What is the weight of the SEMPRE T?

The SEMPRE T weighs approximately 300 lbs. If being used as a transportable datacenter the wheeled mobility kit ensures one-person can easily move it to the desired location.

Where can SEMPRE products operate?

SEMPRE products operate in a range of environments, including airborne and maritime settings.

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