We are a team of builders, entrepreneurs and patriots, who believe the values behind the creation of the technology are as important as how 
it's built.

Integrity, service and innovation define our culture. If you are passionate about technology and making a difference, join our team.

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Hear from the team.

I enjoy working at SEMPRE because I am surrounded by knowledgeable professionals that I constantly learn from every day to further my career and skillset. Also, our Friday company meetings are a fun way to end the week and build our sense of community.

I've been employed by both large and small (start-ups) companies, and I would rank SEMPRE as the best overall working environment of my career. SEMPRE also has the most patriotic atmosphere of any place I have ever worked. It is nice to finally be a part of an organization that puts the best interests of the company and the USA on the same level.

It's not enough to build a great product. We must also build a team of individuals with character, determination and vision for the future.