About Us

It all started with a plan to protect Our Republic.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina tore into Louisiana, crippling the state’s ability to execute disaster response or communication of any kind.

As New Orleans slipped into a war zone, Rob Spalding a then B-2 pilot in the US Air Force, began to realize how much we depended on cellular networks and what would happen to society if our nation’s networks failed.

Fast forward to 2017. While serving as a senior director on the National Security Council in the White House, Spalding’s exposure to a unique advanced, high-performance low SWaP compute technology being adopted by the Department of Defense inspired him to consider its potential to enhance the resilience and security of vulnerable commercial networks.

SEMPRE was born from the idea that life depends on communication. Our mission is to protect, connect and secure communication, so life runs uninterrupted.

What was developed to 
make the tech possible.

Advanced cooling

Maintains performance and operation even in extreme temperatures.

Zero trust security & barrier detection

Detects physical breaches and enforces strict access controls.

Disaster-resistant technology

Uninterrupted operations through EMP/HEMP events and other catastrophes.

Autonomous software

Self-sufficient operation. Functions independently, requiring no user input.

Command & control management

Manages and synchronizes operations across products using unique satellite architecture.

Scalable high-
performance tech

Easily expandable with powerhouse processing to handle complex tasks efficiently.

Our team.

SEMPRE and Instant Connect join forces to modernize communications infrastructure for the U.S. Air Force

RiPSIM Gives SEMPRE the eSIM Security and Sovereignty Required for its Military-Grade Private 5G Network

Ecrio and SEMPRE.ai Partner to Deliver Enhanced Secure Communications for Critical Infrastructure