Anywhere Edge
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Anywhere Edge

The SEMPRE T combines a transportable 5G cellular network, an enterprise-level data center and a satellite gateway into an EMP- hardened enclosure.


Anywhere Edge
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SEMPRE T delivers secure and survivable wireless communications and cloud services in digital deserts and emergency situations. Wheeled mobility kit for easy transport by one person. Easy setup in minutes. No specialized knowledge required.

Best for communities needing immediate connectivity in areas without fiber; popular entertainment and sports venues wanting private networks to enhance security; disaster response teams needing fast, flexible communication. Can be used for fixed networks.


Edge enterprise-level processing power, memory, storage and networking capabilities for demanding edge computing applications


Approximately 36” cube


Approximately 300 lbs.


Anti-tamper sensors and countermeasures + zero-trust architecture + end-to-end encryption


One-person transportable with wheeled-mobility kit

Power source

Grid or generator

Operating environment

All-weather -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F)


MIL-STD-461G RS105


Optional Customization

Pricing for HA (High Availability), MLS (multi- level security) / CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified) and LMR (Land Mobile Radio) bridging upon request.

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Best for communities needing immediate connectivity in areas without fiber; popular entertainment and sports venues wanting private networks to enhance security; disaster response teams needing fast, flexible communication; Can be used for fixed networks.

HEMP / EMP Hardened

All SEMPRE products are tested by either by DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) or a certified vendor to be compliant with either MIL-STD-461G RS105 or MIL-STD- 188-125-1A.

Years of research and experience back every SEMPRE product.

SEMPRE designed simple, easy-to-deploy technology for the military, with the idea that everyday people needed the same resilient, secure communication especially in the worst-case scenario.

Our team seamlessly merged hardware and software into a never-before-seen product: your own secure, resilient 5G cellular network and private local cloud for anytime, anywhere access to secure communications and high-performance edge computing.

Our security-focused software architecture supports enterprise-level applications and networking within our tamper-resistant, EMP-hardened enclosures to ensure your network and local cloud, are available in real-time, precisely where and when you need it.

SEMPRE devices support multiple use cases simultaneously. The capabilities can be easily modify by updating or adding software, avoiding the expense of multiple equipment purchases. Both SEMPRE fixed and mobile options overlay and extend existing networks or operate as a stand-alone solution.

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Maj. Gen. Jason Armagost | Eighth Air Force commander and former AFGSC A5/8 director

“Our operational success depends on robust, reliable and secure communications infrastructure capable of withstanding a variety of complex physical and cyber threats. This partnership with SEMPRE supports our ongoing efforts to modernize and develop new, innovative solutions to meet our critical requirements.”

Air Force Global Strike Command 2024
Col. Kevin Kippie | AFGSC A5/8 Deputy Director

“This award supports Air Force Global Strike command’s requirement to provide resilient, secure and credible military capabilities to our nation’s leaders. The tactical funding increase contract signed with SEMPRE is a win for our command and will help us address the challenge of providing reliable and resilient communications nodes across multiple connectivity sources.”

Air Force Global Strike Command 2024
Carl Herberger | CEO of Corero Network Security

“We are excited to team with SEMPRE to advance the availability of secure and resilient networks. Our joint research will integrate our collective domain expertise to accelerate the delivery of market-leading solutions.”

Corero Network Security 2024
Michel Gannage | Founder and CEO of Ecrio

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with SEMPRE to address secure and resilient communication networks. With our combined solutions, we can ensure the rapid deployment of secure, reliable, flexible and lightweight critical infrastructure.”

Ecrio 2024

SEMPRE and Instant Connect join forces to modernize communications infrastructure for the U.S. Air Force

RiPSIM Gives SEMPRE the eSIM Security and Sovereignty Required for its Military-Grade Private 5G Network

Ecrio and Partner to Deliver Enhanced Secure Communications for Critical Infrastructure