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  • Installs in 10 minutes or less
  • 5G cellular network, data center and satellite gateway in one product
  • HEMP/EMP hardened
  • All weather operation
  • Both physical and cybersecurity protection built into the design
  • Environmentally friendly

Tactical Edge Connectivity

SEMPRE T provides high-performance 5G connectivity and edge datacenter services in minutes for first responders, military teams and communities needing instant networks.This solution features HEMP/EMP hardening and a tamper-resistant design to ensure continued communication and operational security in any environment. Its frequency-agnostic supports any 3GPP bands from 450MHz to 6GHz.

Local Cloud and Edge Processing

SEMPRE T offers powerful edge processing with five X86 servers, each containing 320 high-performance microprocessor cores. This setup supports true edge computing, reducing latency and enhancing data processing capabilities. Users can customize the configuration to fit operational needs.

Flexible Backhaul Options

SEMPRE T supports communication alternatives to ensure reliable backhaul, including direct fiber and satellite links. This flexibility allows for continuous operation even in challenging environments.

Integrates with Existing Infrastructure

A MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network) is built into every SEMPRE T allowing easy connectivity to any carrier's network.

Installation in minutes

SEMPRE T deploys in minutes. The compact system can be vehicle or trailer-mounted and is light enough for rooftop installations. It requires only an AC power connection or an optional hardened generator.

Advanced Security Measures

SEMPRE T includes advanced security measures such as tamper-resistant design and deployment-specific countermeasures to protect sensitive information and maintain operational integrity.

Continued Performance in Extreme Conditions

SEMPRE T operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C. Its unique cooling design ensures continuous operation under challenging conditions, making it suitable for harsh environments, including disaster and austere areas.